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Our prices are very affordable, because we are located in Eastern Europe and here money has different value, yet.
Another fact that makes us low price company is that we are not exactly a company, but a group of independent developers and designers and we do not have a boss taking half of the project's price. This means that you will work directly with the developer and the designer and there will be no "broken telephone" game.
Beware, many companies located in the US and Western Europe use developers from India and the quality of their work is much below what you think you are paying for.

For comparison, a developer living in the US or Western Europe takes $40 - $80 per hour. Someone living in India or Singapore will charge you from $5 to $20. We will charge you $20/hour.

Because we have many years of experience in the web development and use a modern framework, we work really fast. This influences the final price too.

What about the quality? Well, we follow proven design patternsborrowed from modern frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django and the Zend Framework. Take a look at our framework demo for more information if you are interested.

The exact price of every web site or application we build depends on its specific features. The price depends on the time we spend building the site. In order to estimate the exact price of your project, you may contact us and receive our quotation. We do not charge our clients for asking :)
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