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Work Process

Every successful project starts with clearly defined marketing goals. At Apps of Art, we use a tested detailed approach to the design of a marketing website, breaking the project into six phases, each ending with your approval. This ensures that the project stays on track with regard to website structure, content and the budget.
Here is how our web development process works!
Phase 1: Defining Application Goals
During the first phase of the web design process, we ask you various questions to determine the objective of your website (application). What are your lead generation expectations? Is this an online tool for your clients? Do you sell directly over the Internet or is the goal to engage your client for further dialog? We like to plan ahead and get the details. How are we going to define the success of your website design?
Phase 2: Developing the Web Application Structure
In this phase of the web design process, we are flushing out the technical part of the application. We need to determine how the information will be made available to the site visitors - what paths they will take as they move through the site. We determine both the needed technology and site navigation. At the end of this phase you receive a project specification with description of the web application that we are going to build.
Phase 3: Design
Next we develop the graphics and layout for the site. We will ask you to provide any text and graphics that you want included in the website and build a graphical pattern of the whole site - mock-up. Once you are satisfied with the direction of the project, we will complete the graphics, collect or write all necessary text and build any animation or flash elements for the site.
Phase 4: Programming
The amount of programming needed varies from site to site and is usually the most time consuming part. We use variety of technologies to build the needed functionality. All features will be rigorously tested and once perfected, we make one more exhaustive run through and the site is ready to go!
Phase 5: Website Release
The websites are usually hosted on Unix/Linux servers and tested once uploaded to the server. We can host the site on our servers or at a hosting company of your choice if it meats the application requirements.
Phase 6: Ongoing Site Maintenance
At this point the website is released and our job of creating the site is complete. However, since public web sites are your face to the world, they must be kept current in terms of graphics, navigation, technology and usability. After release of the site, we will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule for your website to accommodate client requests, user feedback, system upgrades and emerging web technologies.
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